So You Are Looking for a DJ...

Perhaps you have truly found the one and will soon be marrying the love of your life, or, maybe you are celebrating another year of life with your family and friends. You may have even been told that you are in charge of hiring the entertainment for the big staff Christmas Party. Whatever the occasion, you know that music will be an integral part of your event. Therefore, you are on a mission. Finding the best service at the cheapest price is the goal. YOU know that the perfect music and entertainment will make or break your event; WE know that you are looking for far more than just a DJ...







...You are looking for a consultant, a professional, an experienced and knowledgable musical genie, who with one rub of his magical turntables will whisk you and your guests away on a journey into the land of one-thousand and one dances. A land where wondrous and eternal memories will be created. A land where the ambiance is always perfect, the smiles of your guests are glowing, and their laughter radiates outwards in an unforgettable sand-storm of excitement and energy. ‚Äč

Can you picture it now? At the end of the night as your guests are leaving, what do you want them to say? From weddings and corporate events, to birthday parties, school dances, charity events and much much more, our versatile, experienced and magical, musical geniuses will ensure that your next big event is one fit for a fairy-tale.

We have been playing awesome music for amazing clients all across Washington, DC for nearly ten years. In this time we have been at hundreds weddings and events, and helped make incredible memories on dance floors everywhere! That being said, you might still be wondering what really makes a great DJ, and why we are different than most other wedding DJ companies out there.

Here at DJ Infinite Sounds we believe that what truly makes a wedding great is the preparation and planning done long before your wedding that really makes the difference between a good wedding and a great one!